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Bernardo Faria is one of the pioneers of the pressure passing game. The multiple world champion has unstoppable passes, all based on maximum pressure. bernardo knows exactly how important BJJ mobility of the hips is when passing the guard. Learn his secrets as well with his “Battle Tested Pressure Passing” DVD set. 

The Best Half Guard Instructionals:

Half Domination by Tom DeBlass
The Battle Tested Half Guard by Bernardo Faria
The Z-Guard Encyclopedia by Craig Jones
High Precision Half Guard and Reverse Half Guard by Jake Mackenzie
High Precision Half Guard by Jake MacKenzie Vol. 2

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You Might Also Be Interested in:

You Might Also Be Interested in:

If you’re interested in an awesome 12-week body transformation program you should definitely check out Kit Dale’s one. It’s an e-book that contains a lot of material. There’s a Meal plan with all tasty and easy recipes. Personalized guidelines for your specific goals. Special nutritional details with calories and macros and advice for you to stay lean and the ways to change your habits.

The package also includes Detailed 2x 3 phase workout program and much more that you can check on THIS LINK.

Start your journey and don’t forget to take your BEFORE picture!

If you’re interested in all kinds of escapes from numerous submissions make sure to check out Tom DeBlass’ DVD instructional. It’s called Submission Escapes! It can really improve your escape skills. And when we talk about Tom DeBlass, he’s the guy who wasn’t submitted in competition for more than 10 years. Not even mentioning that Tom DeBlass’ guard is almost impossible to pass. He’s been working on it for the last 15 years and it’s nearly perfect. Check Tom DeBlass’ Half Guard DVD Instructional named Half Domination

Tom DeBlass DVD and Digital Instructionals
Tom DeBlass DVD and Digital Instructionals

Interested in developing lethal heel hooking skills? Do you want to finish your matches in just seconds, feeling like you haven’t even fought? Well, then, Craig Jones’ DVD instructional on leg locks is the way to go. His Down Under Leg Attacks system perfectly outlines every attack sequence, escape prevention and re-counter that you need for an elite level leg locking game. And you know what the best part is? You’ll be able to do it from ALL the top leg-locking positions, not just the 4/11. Pick up his DVD and you’ll become a leg collector in no time at all! 

Craig Jones DVD Down Under Leg Attacks


It is time to take your Gi game to the next level. One of the world’s most renowned coaches and competitors, Tom DeBlass brings you a brand new DVD release. This time, the New Jersey native puts on the Gi while demonstrating his favorite moves that have allowed him to dominate competitions for more than a decade. Everything you need to know about passing even the most annoying Gi guards is right there in the High Tech BJJ In The Gi DVD. Not only that, but he also details his bottom A-game, from the X guard all the way to closed guard kneebars. This is one DVD Instructional you simply have to own! 

New DVD by Tom DeBlass - Hi Tech BJJ
New DVD by Tom DeBlass – Hi Tech BJJ


Craig Jones - The Triangle Machine New DVD instructional from craig JOnes
NEW DVD by Craig Jones -The Triangle Machine

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